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i recently contacted b.t regarding some charges on my final bill which i could not understand. in the past i have found great difficulties in resolving billing overcharges with this company.i received this bill on August 4th. and my letter was sent on the 6th. august 2001.Today i have received my reply,24th august''01,"pay up in 5 days or debt collectors notified!!!!" how much?? 6.72. a bill for 6.72, billed this month,awaiting their reply, and i am threatened.what a great company to deal with.i understand that b.t. are suffering some slight financial difficulties.is there any wonder.

Mr.T Gill

BT Cable and Wireless
NTL One2One
Orange Vodafone
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Telecommunications and Media

It appears German mobile operators will be hiking up the cost of SMS messages up at the beginnng of January and it looks like this will cause a number of businesses to go bust.

The knock-on effect is bound to filter through to the UK because, for some unknown reason the UK is more expensive than abroad in areas such as telecommunications, clothes, electronic goods, alcohol, tobacco... yep, pretty much anything and everything!

Just a matter of when I suppose?

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