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I went into Mothercare in Lewisham just before Christmas to buy my niece some clothing. As I walked into the store I felt like I had two heads…all eyes seemed to be on me. The security guard followed me constantly around the store and the sales assistants were always keeping an eye on me. The experience was quite uncomfortable.


Welcome -- Monday, February 26, 2018

Most companies lose between 45 to 50% of their customers every five years. [Source: Marketing Direct article, April 99]

Welcome to FairComment.com

We've just had the release of a report that claims to be able to cut traffic congestion (and the accompanying pollution issue - just to keep those members of that particular lobby happy) by 40% simply by charging drivers to use main roads and motorways. What a fantastic idea, should've been brought in years ago: I can sleep soundly at night now safe in the knowledge that the experts have pooled their resources and have come up with a brilliant idea!

Right then, what are the viable alternatives? As I thought, there aren't any! If theHave your say! situation with the trains and track wasn't so sad it'd be a joke; bus routes and services outside of cities (for those of you who don't know) are a joke - where I live, it's nearly as cheap for two people to get a taxi into town as it is to get the bus! There's just no other option.

Once again it's a quick attempt to get an idea through by forcing people off the roads when the vast majority don't have an alternative. How many of us, given the chance, would love to use the Underground, the train or bus service if they were fit for human use?

The alternative of course is sitting in traffic jams, moving along at a speed of 20 mph, being cut-up by other drivers rushing to gain an extra yard, suffering abuse and road-rage, navigating dangerous roads on a daily basis and paying already extortionate tax and license fees because you simply do not have any other, reasonable, option!


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